European Union Prize For Literature is a pan-European award that is given each year to European authors who have written the best new literary works, irrespective of their country of origin or their language.

Baltic Assembly Prize offers a pan-Baltic award for achievements in literature, art and science.  The Baltic Assembly Literature Award is given each year to authors from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the best new literary works that have been written in one of the Baltic languages.



The Annual Latvian Literature Award is the most important literary award in Latvia.  Each year the award is given to Latvian authors for the best prose and poetry books, the best children’s books, the best translations of foreign literature into Latvian, and the best debut in literature.  Each year there is also an award for lifetime achievements.

The International Jānis Baltvilks Baltic Sea Region Award is the most important literary award for achievements in children’s literature in Latvia.  Each year awards are given to Latvian authors and artists for the best new children’s books and the best artworks therein.  Each year the award is also given to a foreign author whose works for children have been published in Latvian, as well as to the translator of such books.  The award is named for the distinguished Latvian poet and author Jānis Baltvilks (1944-2003).  During his life, he made a major investment in the development of Latvian children’s literature.

The Golden Apple Tree is a competition for art designers of books, with awards being given each year to the designers of the most beautiful books in Latvia.  The awards are provided to the most beautiful and high-quality books of poetry, prose and children’s literature, documentary books, scholarly books, textbooks, reference books, art books and photo albums.  Each year an award is given for lifetime achievements in the book industry.



The Pastariņš Prize is awarded for achievements in the field of children’s literature in Latvia.  Once every two years, the award goes to authors and artists who have produced the best new examples of children’s literature.  The prize is named after a character called Pastariņš who appeared in children’s books written by the Latvian author and translator Ernests Birznieks-Upītis (1871-1960).

The Dzintars Sodums Award is awarded for innovations in Latvian literature.  It is named after the Latvian author, poet and translator Dzintars Sodums (1922-2008), who made a major investment in the preservation and development of the Latvian language and literature.

The Ojārs Vācietis Prize is awarded each year to the authors of the best poetry books.  It is named after the distinguished Latvian poet and translator Ojārs Vācietis (1933-1983).

A Kilogram of Culture is an annual award given by Latvian Public Television and Radio Latvia for achievements in the theatre, music, the visual arts, the cinema and the world of literature in Latvia.

The Copyright Endlessness Prize is given by the “Copyright and Communication Consultation Agency” and the “Latvian Association of Authors” each year to authors whose works were used the most and in the widest variety of ways during the previous years – during public performances, on TV or the radio, in publications, in mechanical records, in films, in plays, etc.