Kronbergs, Briede, Zeļģis, Joņevs, and Ernštreits visit the UK and the US


2018, June 4

Kronbergs, Briede, Zeļģis, Joņevs, and Ernštreits visit the UK and the US

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This June, writers Juris Kronbergs, Krišjānis Zeļģis, Rūta Briede and Jānis Joņevs will travel to the UK, and Valts Ernštreits to the US, to present their freshly published books in English, as well as participate in discussions with other writers from all around the world. Latvian authors’ visits abroad have been organised thanks to Latvia’s participation in the London Book Fair 2018 as market focus.

Poet Juris Kronbergs will be going to the UK to present his collection “The Book of Clouds” (Mākoņu grāmata) just published in the UK by the Emma Press. The book was translated by Māra Rozītis and Richard O'Brien and illustrated by Anete Melece. 1st June, Kronbergs will be reading in the May Half-Term festival, as well as giving readings and running workshops for children at the Poetry Society centre in London. 5th June, Kronbergs and translator Richard O'Brien will be reading poetry at the Coventry Central Library.

2nd June, poet Valts Ernštreits will be visiting Stanford University, US, where he will be joined by translator Uldis Balodis for a round-table discussion “I was born with Two Tongues: Poetry as a Tool for Livonian Cultural Revival”. The discussion has been put together to celebrate the publishing of the bilingual poetry anthology “Trillium” in English and Livonian. The anthology includes poetry by Valts Ernštreits, Baiba Damberga and Ķemju Kārlis, translated by Uldis Balodis and Ryan Van Winkle and published by The International Society of Livonian Friends and Livonian Cultural Centre.

7th June, poet and brewer Krišjānis Zeļģis will be giving poetry readings at Cardiff’s “Moon Lane” bookstore, joined by two British poets Elizabeth Parker and Christopher Meredith. 9th June, Zeļģis will be reading at the The Llansteffan Literary Festival. Zelģis will be reading excerpts from his collection “Beasts”, published this year in English by “Parthian Books”, and successfully presented at the London Book Fair. The collection was translated by Jayde Will.

8th June, children’s writer and illustrator Rūta Briede will be attending a cultural exchange and translation programme “Writing Borders” in the writer’s residence in Northumberland, Scotland. The aim of the programme is to ancourage collaboration between European and British authors, offering a creative environment for exchanging of ideas and translating each other’s works. 12th June, Briede will be visiting Primary School Billingham to run a workshop to 9 to 12 year-olds. Rūta Briede’s book “The Queen of Seagulls” was published by “The Emma Press” in the UK, translated by Elīna Brasliņa.

Jānis Joņevs is currently attending the prestigious Hay Festival in the UK, Wales, where he will be joining authors from Zimbabwe, Estonia and the UK for a round-table discussion. “Wrecking Ball Press” has just published his “Doom 94” (Jelgava 94). Joņevs is the London Book Fair Cultural Programme’s official author, and his participation in the festival is supported by the British Council UK.

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As reported, 10 – 12 April, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in the London Book Fair 2018 as the market focus countries, celebrating their national centeneries. A special Latvian literature and culture events programme will be carried out all throughout 2018 in the UK. The UK programme is ensured by the “Latvian Literature” platform and financiall supported by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia.