“Latvian Literature” Online Seminar for Literary Translators


2020, December 9

“Latvian Literature” Online Seminar for Literary Translators

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On 8th December, a seminar for literary translators translating from Latvian into various languages was held remotely by the “Latvian Literature” platform. For the fourth year, such a meeting has been organized by the platform in order to inform the translators about the latest events in Latvian literature and support available for translating literary works.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the seminar was held remotely – the translators tuned in for an online presentation where “Latvian Literature” representative Juta Pīrāga reviewed the platform’s achievements this year and discussed future plans. The translators had a chance to meet each other and share their experiences and goals in translating Latvian literature. The “Latvian Literature” YouTube channel now offers three videos made specially for translators – a reading by Latvian authors of their latest works, a greeting from Latvian publishers, and Latvian National Library Information Expert Astra Šmites’ lecture on the dictionaries and resources available.

“This event is an important point of reference for us when looking back at what we have achieved during the last year. It also matters a lot to the translators, because they can be more involved in the process, share their experiences, and feel less alone when they see others facing similar challenges in their work. Such a meeting encourages and reinvigorates to take on new translations of Latvian literature. Of course, an online meeting is not the most effective form of interaction to this end, so we really hope that next year we can all meet in person,” explained “Latvian Literature” representative Juta Pīrāga.

The “Latvian Literature” team ensures ongoing communication with translators throughout the year by sending out newsletters about the latest events in Latvian literature, organizing prose and poetry translation workshops, and assisting with individual translation and publishing challenges. Last year, 32 translators translating Latvian literature into 14 languages attended the seminar in Latvia.

The videos for translators are available on the „Latvian Literature” YouTube channel HERE.