Nora Ikstena Announced to be Author of the Day at the London Book Fair


2017, October 11

Nora Ikstena Announced to be Author of the Day at the London Book Fair

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From 11th to 15th October, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, together with the Latvian Literature platform and Latvian Publishers' Association (LPA) is supporting and organizing Latvia's participation in the international Frankfurt Book Fair 2017. Besides exhibitions at the national literature and publishing stand, various events will be held to promote the exporting of Latvian literature abroad. On 11th October, several authors from the Baltic states where chosen to be Authors of the Day for the London Book Fair – among them the renowned Latvian writer Nora Ikstena.

This year, Latvia is represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair by “Liels un mazs”, “Jāņa Rozes apgāds”, “Jumava”, “J.L.V”, “Annele”, “Pētergailis”, “ARKHIPOV production”, “Madris” and “BeBody” publishing houses, as well as “Veiters”, “WMT BALTIC”, “UnitedPress” and “Dardedze Hologrāfija”, International Exhibition Company “BT 1”, creator of board games “Sidi Spēles” and IT company “Overly”. During the fair, publishing houses will be meeting foreign publishers in order to  introduce potential partners with Latvian authors and their works.

11th October, Jacks Thomas, Director of The London Book Fair, officially announced the Baltic Authors of the Day, among them is the Latvian writer Nora Ikstena. In 2018, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will be the Market Focus countries at the London Book Fair, therefore particular focus will be drawn to the Baltic authors and their works. Nora Ikstena is one of Latvia's most bright and prominent prose writers, known for her special writing style and detailed attention to language as an art form. Her literary works often reflect upon grand subjects – life, love, death and faith. Nora Ikstena is the author of more that 30 books, the latest of which,  “Mother's Milk” (“Mātes piens”) is soon to be published by the British “Peirene Press”.

During the Frankfurt Fair, the latest issue of the prestigious catalogue of children's and young adult literature “The White Raven 2017” will be presented. The International Youth Library (IYL) in Munich picks 200 of the best works for children to include in the catalogue to attract international attention for their topicality and innovations in both literary, and visual expression. This years catalogue includes two works of Latvian children's literature – Kārlis Vērdiņš' collection of   poems “Dad” (“Tētis” published by “Liels un mazs”), and a book based on the famous Japanese story "The Boy Who Drew Cats", illustrated by Anita Kreituse (“Jāņa Rozes apgāds”).

The Frankfurt Fair will host various meetings between potential partners from different countries in order to promote the publishing of translations of Latvian literature. The chairman of the Latvian Writers' Union, Arno Jundze, is scheduled to attend the annual Conference for European literary organizations in order to discuss the grant programmes in place, supporting the translation and publishing of foreign literature.