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Riga to hold an open international conference on book design

2017, June 7

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On 7 June, 15:00 pm, "Nice Place TELPA" book café (Krišjāņa Barona iela 21) will be hosting an open conference  "Sarunas par grāmatu dizainu. No izdevēja perspektīvas" (Conversations about Book Design. A Publisher's Perspective), organized by the "Latvian literature" platform. During the conference,  publishers and book artists from various countries will be sharing their experience, and the event is open to professionals in design, book publishing, typography and others who wish to attend.

What is the importance and value of book design? How can design attract readerships and increase book sales? Can a good book design encourage foreign publishers to buy publishing rights to your books? What are the key aspects to take into account when participating in design competitions? How does the global market affect photo book design? Can a book be internationally recognised for its unique visual solutions? These are only a few questions we will try to find answers to along with the participants of the conference – editor and illustrator Rūta Briede ("Liels un mazs", Latvia), publisher Andreas Rötzer, ("Matthes & Seitz Berlin", Germany), writer and publisher Meike Ziervogel ("Peirene Press", Great Britain), publisher Katharina Hesse, ("Stiftung Buchkunst", Germany), book designer and publisher Rob van Hoesel, ("The Eriskay Connection", The Netherlands). The event will be held in English, and the  conversations will be moderated by a book designer Tom Mrazauskas ("Brave Books", Germany/Latvia). 

The participants could be considered experienced newcomers to the book market. Currently they are trying to reach new audiences by promoting their books and selling the publishing rights abroad and by drawing attention to their products in different book contests and various book stores. They all agree that book design is something that can help reach these goals.

"Internet is loaded with videos from various conferences. For hours one can watch experts sharing their statements, advices and ideas. That’s fascinating, but at the same time I have a feeling that offline conferencing should drift towards more open format and be more interactive and involving. Instead of talks or presentations, at The Conversations we decided to have moderated interviews on book design with publishers from different countries", the moderator Toms Mrazauskas explained the format of the event.

During the open conference a pop-up book exhibition will take place, displaying the works of publishers and designers participating in the conference. Entrance into the event is free of charge. You may find detailed information about the conference on the "Facebook" event page.

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