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The Fifth Book Design and Publishing Conference to Be Held

2019, May 10

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Friday, 10th May, 2:00–7:00 PM, at “Nice Place TELPA”, Krišjāņa Barona iela 21, the fifth conference "Conversations on book design and publishing" is set to take place, organised by the "Latvian Literature" platform.

This time around the speakers will be exploring the work process each of them go through in order to achieve results and create something new, be it a new font, a publishing house, or a visual identity for an entire nation. During the seminar, four experts will be sharing their inspiring stories and revealing the biggest challenges they have faced on their path to success.

“In the conference, we will learn how new typeface is created, how publishers select designs for their book covers and how their choice further affects the marketing and sales process, and how the latest publishing and book industry trends influence the largest book fair in Frankfurt. Often we only get to see the end result of hard work, and are left wondering what the process is like. What are the choices decision-makers go for, and what guides their decisions?” the main direction of the conference was described by its moderator, publisher and designer Tom Mrazauskas.

The conversation will be attended by the director of business development and visual culture at the Frankfurt Book Fair, designer Hendrik Hellige who has been successful in building children’s literature and illustration up to be the most rapidly growing and exciting part of the fair; owner and director of “Friedenauer Presse” Friederike Jacob whose takeover of the publishing company founded in 1963 has resulted in it becoming one of the strongest and most modern German publishing houses of today; Jürgen Siebert, one of Germany’s leading experts in the field of type design, typography and strategic visual communication, who watched at close hand as each character of Helvetica was redrawn and refitted until it emerged as the recently released Helvetica Now; Polish graphic designer, publisher and art curator Magdalena Heliasz who is also the founder of the “Print Control” magazine and website – a platform focusing on Polish design.

The conference especially welcomes those who work (or intend to work) daily in the fields of design, book illustration or publishing, however anyone seeking new inspirations and visions is invited. There is no entry fee, and the language of the event is English.

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