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Works by Latvian Authors to be Published in Various Languages

2016. October 12

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Due to the financial support from the State Culture Capital Foundation (Valsts Kultūras kapitāla fonds), the Latvian Writers' Union, in association with the Memorandum Council, has carried out a translation competition for rendering works of Latvian writers into various foreign languages.

Two prose works and four poetry projects were submitted for the translation competition. Five out of all projects submitted have been allocated financial support – translations into Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Croatian and Russian have been awarded grants of 13,000 EUR in total. The budget for this year has been exhausted, the next year's budget is expected to be drawn up by February 2017.

The following table shows the grants for translations of Latvian literary works distributed in September 2016:





Sum (EUR)

Regīna Ezera



M. Carbonaro

3 500

Māra Zālīte

Pieci pirksti


Snorre Karkkonen Svensson

3 500

Arvis Viguls

Selected Poems


Lawrence Schimel

2 500

Arvis Viguls

Selected Poems


Marko Pogačar

1 500

Eduards Aivars

Jauns medus


Aleksandrs Zapoļs

2 000

In 2016, with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, grants were also given to a number of translations of Latvian literary works into English. This financial support is linked with Latvia's participation in the London Book Fair 2018 as one of the Market Focus countries.

With the help of these financial means, the following works by Latvian authors have received financial support for translation:

  • Pauls Bankovskis 18 (Translator Ieva Lešinska-Geibere),
  • Inga Žolude Mierinājums Ādama kokam [A Solace for Adam's Tree] (Translator Suzanne McQuade),
  • Nora Ikstena Mātes piens  [Mother's Milk] (Translator Margita Gailītis),
  • Luīze Pastore Pazudušais pērtiķis [The Missing Monkey] (Translator Žanete Vēvere-Paskvalīni),
  • Daina Tabūna Slepenā kaste [The Secret Box] (Translator Jayde Will)
  • Artis Ostups Dzejas izlase [Selected Poems](Translator Jayde Will)
  • Arvis Viguls Dzejas izlase [Selected Poems] (Translator Jayde Will)
  • Alberts Bels Bezmiegs [Insomnia] (Translator Jayde Will)
  • Ieva Samauska Skaļā klase [The Noisy Class] (Translator Žanete Vēvere-Paskvalīni)
  • Kārlis Vērdiņš Tētis [Daddy] (Translator Žanete Vēvere-Paskvalīni )
  • ORBITA Dzejas izlase [Selected Poems] (Translator Kevin Platt).

Submissions for translations into English are welcome all year round, however, this year's projects are to be approved by 31.10.2016. For more information please visit: WWW.LATVIANLITERATURE.LV/GRANTS (FOR ENGLISH PUBLISHERS).

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